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This site was originally constructed and written in the mid 90’s by David Strutt (then a UWaterloo Chem Eng Grad student). This was during the nationwide re-broadcast of THHOF (The Hilarious House of Frightenstein) by Showcase.

It was at this time that I rediscovered the show and first found this web site. The site that David had constructed was a marvel to me, and I eagerly gobbled up all of the intricate details stored in its pages. It brought back memories of the show from my childhood, just as it still does for many of its visitors today. I was in awe of the completeness of the information — how he ever managed to put together an almost complete list of songs featured by the Wolfman in the 130 episodes is mind-boggling.

I e-mailed David, and found out that he was getting somewhat tired of running the site, or at least updating it and adding to it. I asked him if he would like to pass the site along to me, and he agreed. He gave me all of the files for the site, and he also forwarded me a bunch of emails that he had received from visitors, and I set to work to make the site my own.

The new site launched in September of 1998. My intent with the re-design of the site was not to replace or edit what David had done, but just to give it a facelift and a bump-up in quality. 99% of his original text remains to this day, and it comprises nearly all of the pages relating to the characters. Since the initial redesign, I have completely redesigned this site three more times: in the summer of 2000 (a design which I was most unhappy with), a long lasting version which launched December 22, 2001, a pre-mobile phone version in January 20, 2014, and now a fully responsive version. I intend for to exist forever, regardless of whether the show ever airs again, or if the information becomes stagnant — it will stand as a testament to the show and its creators.


My name is Ben Kane, and I am a photographer, amongst other things. Born in 1979, I was eight years too late to see the original broadcasts of The Hilarious House of Frightenstein, but thanks to the need for CanCon (Canadian Content) the show was re-run throughout the 80’s. Growing up in Oakville and Ancaster (Ontario) I can remember watching the show on CHCH using an old black & white TV I had in my bedroom.

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