The following are original episodes of The Hilarious House of Frightenstein, as they originally aired, with their original songs. Any recently released DVD's contain all of Billy Van's genius, but some of the music has been altered for rights purposes.

Episode: Love me Two Times (The Doors)

Description: The Count invents a "Sun Light Flashor", Bwana takes a look at a Kinkajou, and Pet-Vet brings Igor a kitten!.

Source: BETA SP dub from an original master used to air the show at CHCH. Obtained from CHCH (ONTV) in 1999.

Download: frightenstein-lovemetwotimes.mp4 734mb MP4

Episode: Ain't No Mountain High Enough

Description: The Count invents invisible ink, Bwana takes a look at gorillas, and Pet-Vet brings Igor a turtle.

Source: Uncertain. Definitely taped from TV during the Showcase era. Probably recorded on VHS on EP mode. Might even be from a duplicate VHS. Poor quality, but watchable.

Download: frightenstein-aintnomountain.mp4 785mb MP4

Episode: Amos Moses

Description: The Count shows off his sandwich maker, Bwana presents his cougar photos, Gronk hams up hovercrafts, and Pet-Vet has a duck.

Source: Taped from TV during the Showcase era. VHS on SP mode. Excellent audio quality, low resolution video, but watchable.

Download: frightenstein-amosmoses.mp4 787mb MP4

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