Canada Observed

by Chris Beard
Featuring Billy Van, Al Hamel, Vanda King, Bonnie Brooks, and June Sampson
Capitol Records 6221 Stereo, 1967

A1: In the Beginning (Al & Billy)

A2: Stoneage Canadians (Billy, Al, Vanda, Bonnie, & June)

A3: Maple Leif (Mr. Erikson Arrives) (Billy, Al, & Chris)

A4: The Saga of Private Higgins (Chris)

A5: The Trade-Indian (Billy, Vanda, June, & Al)

A6: Wide World of Wars (Billy, Al, Chris, & June)

A7: Laura, But You're Only a Dream (Miss Secord's Contribution) (Bonnie, Billy, & Al)

B1: The First Hockey Game (Billy, Al, & Chris)

B2: Getting His Man (Billy, Al, & Chris)

B3: Mapmaker, Mapmaker, Make Me a Map! (Billy & Al)

B4: Defending the Faith (Al, Billy, Vanda, & Bonnie)

B5: Way of Life (Vanda & Billy)

B6: Gerda's Ottawa (Vanda)

Audio files are 256kbps stereo MP3s.

“Fall In” A Fun Fashion Musical

Produced and Directed by Lionel Shenken
Featuring vocals by the Billy Van Singers
Du Pont Canada, Royal York Hotel, Toronto, June 2, 1969

A5: Dear World

B2: Talk to the Animals

B4: One of Those Songs

B5: This Could be the Start of Something Big

Audio files are 256kbps stereo MP3s.

The Golden Jet (Bobby Hull)

Johnny Cowell and his Orchestra
Vocal by Billy Van
Regency R968, 45RPM, 1966

Side A - The Golden Jet

Side B - The Sawed Off Stick

Audio files are 256kbps stereo MP3s.

The Happy Moog

01 Space Express

02 Short Circuit

03 Paris 2079

04 In a Latin Moog

05 Moog Foo Yong

06 Re-Entry to the Moon

07 Saturn Ski Jump

08 In a Happy Moog

09 Blast Off Country Style

10 March of the Martians (* Frightenstein Theme Song!)

Audio files are 256kbps stereo MP3s.

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